Meet the Ghanaian Snapchat Wh*re, Queen Facadi from her recent interview

Wondering why she was introduced as wh*ore, don’t be bothered cos she accepts it and she is proud of it so far as she making money from it.

Popularly known on social media as Queen Farcadi, she almost broke the internet when she joined micro-blogging site Twitter early this year after her exploits on SnapChat.

In a recent phone interview with Chris Vincent of via Facebook live stream, the young girl who gets most of her clients via SnapChat and has clients on her premium account who request for nudes, Queen Farcadi made a number of revelations and these are some of the things we gather from the interview.

1. Queen Farcadi is ONLY 21 years and will turn 22 in October 2017


2. Born to an average Ghanaian family with father being ex military officer and a mum who’s a trader, Queen Farcadi’s parents don’t really care so far as she’s not bringing any problem home.

3. Queen Farcadi charges a minimum of GHC1000 (approximately $250) per hour for s*x and there’s no discount irrespective of how good you make her feel in bed.

4. Queen Farcadi has slept with close 100 people both Ghanaians and foreigners. Her clientele ranges from musicians, footballers, politicians, tourists and even pastors.

5. Queen Farcadi is an old student of Elmina High School (Edinaman) and couldn’t continue due to financial challenges.

6. Her clientele do not contact her directly as such requests are handled via her manager. The decision to hire a manager was for security reason.

7. Queen Farcadi chooses the hotel she wants to engage in s*xual pleasure with you. With this arrangement, she feels secured.

8. Queen Farcadi believes what sets her apart from other girls involved in the kind of business she runs is her “packaging” perhaps wanted to say branding.

9. Queen Farcadi believes in bleaching and she took that road because a number clients demanded for fair girls.

10. Currently heavily pregnant, Queen Farcadi intends to continue her education after giving birth as she’s due in a few months.

11. To avoid being set up, Queen Farcadi chooses which hotel to meet up her clients. That makes her feel safer.


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