10 Biblical people you must watch in life to Progress

You must always know what you carry before you make up your mind to achieve great things in Life. We’ve outlined 10 people you must know from the Bible, to enhance all aspects of your life. These People may include:

1 Those who hold your destiny in trust till you are ready. Eg Jonathan. These kind of people may believe in you and are always ready to help and support whatever your dreams are but they hold it on with trust until you are ready.

2 Those who know it’s yours but will not release it. E.g. Saul Such people will always be against you any all your endeavors knowing that you hold on to some big thing in Life.

3 Those who prevent you from encountering your conferee eg Davids brothers. When you have such people in Life, you might always think that all hopes are lost until, you sit to realize your success in life depends on no Man but God.


4 Those who will prevent you from being matured less you become a king Galatians 4. You are always prone to disorder when such people are in your life, they do all that they can to darken your light to hinder your potentials till you realized it.

5 Those who refer you to the king. Everybody needs someone somewhere to acknowledge or introduce them. 1Samuel 16:14

6 Those who have lost it but will not go for you to come Eg. Saul They lose all, knowing that they you the next in line, they try to delay your progressions.

7 Those who set task too high for you based on your current need. David’s price for Michael was the foreskin of 100 Philistines. But for the grace upon his life. Yet he went the Extra extra mile – he circumcised 200 instead of the hundred.

8. Those that will give you what is not yours so you miss what is yours.- Saul tried to give David his armor but he refused, at that point he knew that wasn’t right for him.

9 Those who know you are anointed but you must stay as you are.  Memorize on this “who have you left the few sheep with A musician or a King’

10 Those who will use words to denigrate your consciences I know your pride so says his brothers. They strech you with their words knowing best you can be discouraged but, HEY, don’t be discouraged.

But God made Jonathan to place on David what he is to be instead of who he thought he was

God is bringing you to a place where your heart will be known by your blesser than your sheepskin clothes

God is bringing you to a place that you will not just be known as an instrumentalist but the King in you will be brought to the fore.

Your Jonathan will fight for you at the peril of HIS life.

Credit : Rev. F.D Yalley

Nana Owusu Sarfo

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